Conversation with John.

Conversation with John

Paintings and Prints


The Conversation

I imagine how I would justify this work to John Singer Sargent. He died in 1925.

This work uses the elements of design to make abstract paintings. I am convinced studying the principles of design helped my work as an artist. For years, I wondered if design intersected with fine art, or if the two were divorced and to never marry.

Michael Freiman: "Hey, John do you like these?"

John Singer Sargent: "Are these paintings?"

Michael Freiman: "Yeah, these are prints too."

JSS: "And what are these about?"

MF: "These are pictures of places. The places are actual and virtual."

JSS: "I see. What goes on at these places?"

MF: "Yeah. Each picture is a memory of a story. The color represents the place of the story. The lines are a grid to bring structure to the place. The black type, the letters, fly like birds. I imagine these letters, flying around forming words, flying around telling the story."

Field and Current

Field and Current

Grid and Fly

Song, Grid

Build and Tree

Give and Tree

Undone Lack

Undone Lack

Stain and Words

Words and Meaning

The Coast and Edge

The Coast

The End and Summer

The End and Summer

The Falls

The Falls



Winter Then Now